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Ella Shawn is a Southern (Gothic) Dark Romance writer with a fondness for haunted, destroyed characters who ultimately find their spiritual awakening through exploration of carnal pleasures, pain, and unconditional love. She also produces a podcast aptly named, Enchanted BEAST Podcast for women who want to reconnect with their higher selves and embrace the innate divine sensual creativity gifted by the Universe. And because she's a mommy of three beautiful teenage daughters, she writes for a mommy blog once a month. If she's not writing, podcasting, or blogging; then she's probably hooking. Get out of the gutters, she's an avid crocheter. Ella married the boy she fell in love with during her senior year of high school. They started dating in 1992 and either they both were too lazy to look for other options or were lucky enough to find their happily-ever-after at the age of seventeen. Ella says it's the enduring love she shares with her husband that allows her to write romance novels with hard-won HEAs.


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